Grilling Recipes


From chicken, to beef, to pork or even your favourite vegetables, these recipes are sure to inspire the griller inside!

Find your favourites and enjoy them on Wonder® or D’Italiano® hamburger or hotdog buns. 

Wonder bread hamburger bun

Wonder® Smokey Burger

A summer time classic with a crunchy twist!  This easy to make family favourite will have dinner on the patio table ready in less than 30 minutes.

Wonder® Lobster Rolls

Take it up a notch with lobster for the whole family!   Grill up your Wonder® White Hotdog Buns and serve this treat on a warm Saturday evening.

Summer grilling recipe
Wonder bread chicken bun

Wonder® Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Slow cooking done right!  Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to be at the stove all day.  This crock-pot creation lets you set it and forget it until dinnertime!

Wonder®  Hotdog Garlic Bread Cheese Sticks 

With the perfect combination of garlic bread and ooey gooey cheese, these Wonder® Hotdog Garlic Bread Cheese Sticks are the perfect app to serve at your next BBQ! Ready in under 15 minutes, this quick and easy recipe will not disappoint.  

Wonder Garlic Cheese Stick Recipe
Wonder Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

Wonder® Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon cheeseburgers are always a fan favourite. Take your burger game up a notch and transform your Wonder® hamburger buns into bacon cheddar buns to add some extra flavour!  

Wonder®  Mac & Cheese Burger

Meet your family’s new favourite BBQ menu item: The Mac & Cheese Burger! Juicy hamburger patties, topped with an all-time Canadian favourite, this burger will have everybody going back for seconds.

Wonder Mac & Cheese Burger
Wonder Loaded Campfire Chili Dog

Wonder® Loaded Campfire Chili Dogs

No campfire? No problem! These Wonder® Loaded Campfire Chili Dogs, bring the taste of campfire hot dogs right to your own backyard! 

Wonder®  Peaches & Cream Bread Pudding

Make use of those extra Wonder® hamburger buns in the cupboard and transform them into a delicious dessert!

Peaches and Cream Bread Pudding
Wonder Loaded Campfire Chili Dog

Wonder® Fish and Chips Dog

With homemade battered fish fillets, crumbled potato chips, tartar sauce, and Wonder® Hotdog buns, this Fish and Chips Dog is an all age’s fave.

Wonder®  Smash Burger Stack With “Secret Sauce”

With incredibly juicy, not too thick patties, and perfectly crispy edges, secret sauce, and smothered between a Wonder® bun, this recipe packs a ton of flavour in every bite.

Wonder Smash Burger
Wonder Loaded Campfire Chili Dog


Just one look at this D’Italiano® Bombay Chicken with Fresh Mango Salad recipe will have you hungry. 


This flavourful D’Italiano® Loaded Baja Chorizo Sausage recipe is the perfect combination of spicy and sweet! 

D'Italiano Loaded Baja Chorizo Sausage
D'Italiano Crustini hotdog buns

D’Italiano® Halibut Fish Po’Boy

Change it up with this easy to make Po’Boy featuring D’Italiano® Sausage Buns. Pro tip: You may want to make a few extra ‘cause these are sure to fly off the dinner table.

D’Italiano® Grilled Beet Arugula & Goat Cheese Sandwich

This vegetarian delight is the perfect grilled lunch or dinner while enjoying drinks in the backyard.

D'Italiano hamburger buns
Wonder bread hamburger buns

D’Italiano® Grilled Southern Style Chicken Sandwich with Hot Honey

This one is sure to have the neighbours peeking over the fence! Take barbequing to the next level with this hearty meal that has a Southern twist.

D’Italiano® Chicken Burger With Hummus And Quick Pickled Onions             

This quick and easy solution to switching up your grilling game also makes you a pickling pro in the process.

Chicken Burger with Hummus and Quick Pickled Onions