5 Family Friendly Summer Activities to Plan

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Two little girls playing with a hose.

Yes, you can still enjoy the summer while social distancing!

Yes, you can still enjoy the summer while practicing social distancing!

It’s almost summer time, and one of the favourite seasons of the year for many Canadians. This year however, things may be very different when it comes to your family summer plans. With social distancing measures still in place which will likely continue to impact the way that we interact, it may be time to think about some contingency plans to ensure this summer is just as great as years before.

The good news is that things are changing slowly and by summer, we may be able to enjoy some of the fresh air beyond just our front or back yards! Depending on your comfort level and family situation, you may be open to venturing out to enjoy a provincial park or head up to the cottage. Alternatively, you may be more at ease keeping it local and hanging out at home this summer.

Here are some summer activities while socially distancing to help you plan for a great season with tons of family fun. 

Movies in the Park (in your own backyard)

This is such a fun concept, and a great way to have another family over, or involve the neighbours at a very safe distance. If you have access to a projector, this is very easy to pull off. Hang a large white sheet in a space that everyone can see. If you are inviting some friends over, create “seating areas” that respect all social distancing rules. You could alternatively hang the sheet from your garage door and include a few neighbours to watch and enjoy from the comfort of their front yards. Choose from a childhood favourite or rent a newer release. Then the treats and fun are up to you! 

Complete your day by firing up the barbeque and grilling some of these great Canadian inspired recipes featuring Wonder® and D’Italiano® hot dog and hamburger buns. 

Scavenger Hunts

Although you may have been keeping the kids busy with indoor or local versions of scavenger hunts during the spring, you can take it up a notch with these city scavenger hunts.

The great thing with this one is that the adults can spend some time checking out their favourite spots in the city while the kids learn about new places that they may not have otherwise seen.

If you have a car, this idea can literally take you as close or far as you’d like.  Give your kids a list of items to find while taking a walk in your city, near the waterfront, or at a park. The list can include anything from squirrels, to taxis, a person on a bike, someone wearing a blue hat, stop signs, rainbows in the windows, and so much more. Finding new areas with new scavenger lists makes the activity new and fresh every time.

Finish of the hunt with ice cream for the family on the way home and don’t forget to make sure that the kids wash their hands throughout the day! 

Enjoying the Outdoors  

While you may have planned for things like kid, drink or food festivals this summer, the reality is that many large gatherings have already been cancelled for the year. There are still a number of ways to enjoy a weekend outdoors while following social distancing recommendations. A classic is a family bike ride. Plan for a ride to your local provincial park and pack an easy picnic to take a long and enjoy while you’re there. All you really need is a blanket, some delicious Wonder® bread sandwiches, fruits, some drinks and a few snacks. Remember everyone also has their reusable water bottle and some extras packed up for the ride.

Backyard Water Wars

When the weather is really hot you want to find ways to keep the kids and yourselves as cool as possible! Here’s where staying at home can not only be a very economical choice but also adhere to any social distancing rules that you’ll need to be aware of. Overall, staying at home and cooling off may be a lot less stressful than being out and about, especially with younger kids that can get irritable very quickly!

Backyard water wars can be a great way to spend some time playing with the kids or watching as they battle one another. Because you’re going to be staying a good distance from one another, this is also a fun way for a few neigbourhood kids to join in or an activity for a small family get-together.  

All you need is a water hose, some water balloons, maybe a super soaker or two, even some buckets to keep it super simple! 

Create your Summer Backyard Oasis

If you really don’t feel comfortable with leaving home, then consider sprucing up your backyard space. There are endless options when it comes to turning your backyard into a kid-friendly play zone or a full family outdoor oasis. Check out more tips here.