These are Canada’s Buns*

Find the right bun for your barbeque creations

Mix and match your favourite Wonder® bread and D’Italiano® hotdog and hamburger buns and get grilling!

These are Canada’s Buns*

Find the right bun for your barbeque creations.

 Mix and match your favourite Wonder® and D’Italiano® hotdog and hamburger buns and get grilling.

Canadian Summer Grilling Recipes

Summers in Canada are all about grilling up those summer favourites while enjoying some quality time in the backyard.  Wonder® bread and D’Italiano® have come together to share some coast-to-coast Canadian inspired recipes for the whole family served in the perfect Baked-In-Canada buns.

From Wonder® bread hamburger buns, Wonder® bread hotdog buns, D’Italiano® Brizzolio Sausage Rolls, D’Italiano® Brioche Style Hamburger buns and more, there’s a recipe for anyone at the table. Get grilling Canada!

D'Italiano hamburger buns

Wonder® Smokey Burger

A summer time classic with a crunchy twist! This easy to make family favourite will have dinner on the patio table ready in less than 30 minutes.

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Summer grilling recipe

Wonder® Lobster Rolls

Take it up a notch with lobster for the whole family! Grill up your Wonder® White Hotdog Buns and serve this treat on a warm Saturday evening.

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Wonder bread hamburger buns

D’Italiano® Grilled Southern Style Chicken Sandwich with Hot Honey

This one is sure to have the neighbours peeking over the fence! Take barbequing to the next level with this hearty meal that has a Southern twist.

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Wonder Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe

Wonder® Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon cheeseburgers are always a fan favourite. Take your burger game up a notch and transform your Wonder® hamburger buns into bacon cheddar buns to add some extra flavour!  

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D'Italiano Crustini hotdog buns

D’Italiano® Halibut Fish Po’Boy

Change it up with this easy to make Po’Boy featuring D’Italiano® Sausage Buns. Pro tip: You may want to make a few extra ‘cause these are sure to fly off the dinner table.

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Wonder® Pulled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Slow cooking done right! Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to be at the stove all day. This crock-pot creation lets you set it and forget it until dinnertime!

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Wonder Garlic Cheese Stick Recipe

Wonder® Garlic Bread Cheese Sticks

With the perfect combination of Garlic bread and ooey gooey cheese, these Wonder® Hotdog Garlic Bread Cheese Sticks are the perfect app to serve at your next BBQ! Ready in under 15 minutes, this quick and easy recipe will not disappoint.

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D'Italiano hamburger buns

D’Italiano® Grilled Beet Arugula & Goat Cheese Sandwich

This vegetarian delight is the perfect grilled lunch or dinner while enjoying drinks in the backyard.

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Wonder Mac & Cheese Burger

Wonder® Mac & Cheese Burger

Meet your family’s new favourite BBQ menu item: The Mac & Cheese Burger! Juicy hamburger patties, topped with an all-time Canadian favourite, this burger will have everybody going back for seconds.

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Summer tips, barbequing tricks and some of our favourite picks!

Check out these barbeque tips and tricks as well as family friendly activities to help soak in every minute of our Canadian summer while still following social distancing.

Getting the Kids in the Kitchen

Let’s face it, having help in the kitchen is always welcome. Having kids participate in the kitchen is a great way to get a bit of extra help, but also teach them life skills and responsibility.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Here are some easy ways to get your sous-chefs started.

5 Family Friendly Summer Activities to Plan

Yes, you can still enjoy the summer while practicing social distancing!

Creating Your Family-Friendly Summer Oasis

Summer at home can still be tons of fun.

some more summer inspiration

If you normally get together with family and friends to have a pumpkin carving day, try organizing a video call instead! Decorate or carve multiple pumpkins and then have a family contest to vote for everyone’s favourite. What fun character will you be carving this year? 🎃 ⁣

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Halloween may be a bit different this year but this doesn't mean the kids can't still enjoy some treats! This may well be the year to pull out the stops decorating in and outside your home, to bring the Halloween spirit to life! String up some lights. Invest in a fog machine. make a scarecrow with old clothes, or invest in something more elaborate from the stores. ⁣⁣
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Halloween is a time of year that the entire family can have fun with – even your furry four-legged member. 🎃 🐶 Whether you're staying in for the night or trick or treating with the kids, get your dog in on the fun too with this quirky DIY Halloween costume. ⁣

Shout out to our Wonder® Bread fan @corgston for this adorable costume idea! ⁣

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Bologna with cheese on Non-GMO Wonder® Bread is a tried and true sandwich that never gets old! What's your favourite way to enjoy a classic bologna sandwich? Happy National Bologna Day!⁣

📸 @rick_campanelli

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Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches sound delicious to us! Do you think you would try it? Tell us below!⁣

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D'Italiano garlic toast is the perfect pairing to your chicken Caesar salad. Good thing sharing garlic breath isn't a problem when you're with the familiga. 😉 ⁣⁣
📸| @nicoledoerksen1 ⁣⁣
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Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 ⁣
Food always tastes better when you share it with family. Who are you looking forward to sharing your Thanksgiving meal with?⁣

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Who said you need a pizza pie to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day? 🍕 LIVE LARGE today with a pizza sandwich instead! This stuffed pepperoni grilled cheese made with thick sliced D'Italiano bread will definitely become a famiglia favourite.⁣⁣

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Ditch that cheeseburger and get a taste of this Halloumi and Grilled Vegetable Burger. This totally EPIC take on a burger is sure to surprise the famiglia at dinnertime. Happy National Cheeseburger day! 👇 #TheseAreCanadasBuns* ⁣

Halloumi and Grilled Vegetable Burger⁣
Prep Time: 15 mins ⁣
Cook Time: 10 mins ⁣
Total Time: 25 mins⁣
Ingredients ⁣
2 D’Italiano® Original Crustini Buns⁣
1 pack, President's Choice® Halloumi Semi-Soft Unripened Cheese ⁣
½ medium eggplant ⁣
1 red pepper ⁣
1 yellow pepper ⁣
1 ½ cup baby spinach ⁣
½ cup President's Choice® Baba ganoush ⁣
3 tbsp olive oil ⁣

1. Cut halloumi cheese in slices and set aside. Thinly slice peppers and eggplant. ⁣
2. Brush 6 eggplant slices with olive oil and grill 2 minutes per side. Sauté peppers and grill halloumi cheese about 2 minutes per side. ⁣
3. Warm the D’Italiano® Original Crustini Buns on the grill, then top each half with baba ganoush, grilled vegetables, halloumi and spinach. ⁣

Recipe + photo credit to @dialaskitchen

*Our buns are proudly baked in Canada⁣

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Top a slice of thick-cut D'Italiano bread with some chocolate spread and slices of banana served up alongside, meats, veggies, and fruit - this lunch is the perfecto way to brighten up your bambino's day tomorrow!⁣

Shout out to @luncheswithlovsin for the great photo!⁣

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